Meet the Team


Office Manager

I love the conversations I have with our patients, and the relationships I’ve developed with them. Whether I’m welcoming and getting to know a new patient or catching up with an established patient, I’m always smiling. I love hearing about their lives and learning about them as individuals. As the office manager, I handle our payroll, oversee insurance-related matters, and maintain our accounts. I’m always busy with one project or another, but never too busy for a quick chat.


Dental Hygienist

I love educating our patients about oral hygiene and how to keep their mouth healthy between visits, and I really enjoy the relationships that develop between our patients and our dental team. My duties include updating a patient’s medical history, monitoring their blood pressure, taking dental radiographs, measuring periodontal depths, and establishing proper treatment and recall for each patient. I also offer patient education on proper home hygiene practices.


Dental Hygienist

I love the trust and loyalty of our patients. Not only do they trust us to care for their oral health needs, but they bring their family members to see us and refer their friends as well. I feel good when I can help a patient understand how to improve overall health by taking charge of home oral care. At our practice, I update our patients’ medical histories, take the needed dental radiographs, and perform periodontal diagnosis.


Dental Hygienist

I find the greatest satisfaction in working with our patients and helping them to achieve and maintain great oral hygiene, as well as helping them understand the impact that nutritional and oral health play in their overall health. I spend my days working with patients, updating their medical histories, diagnosing their overall periodontal status, taking dental radiographs, and planning individual courses of treatment based on their specific needs. Much of my time is spent working one on one with patients, and I love our conversations and what they share with me.


Dental Hygienist

Seeing the smile on a patient’s face, after their teeth are clean and pretty, makes me smile in turn. It’s amazing what a great feeling having a hygienic mouth is, and every patient remarks on what a difference it makes. Our patients are incredible people, and it’s really an honor that many have been coming to our practice for so many years. That’s the perfect testament to the care we provide. My focus is always on helping patients keep their oral health in excellent shape, through providing cleanings and teaching them about proper home tooth and gum care.


Dental Hygienist

Working with people, making a difference in the life of each patient by helping them improve and maintain their oral health, while increasing their self-confidence through their healthy, beautiful smile, is truly wonderful. I spend my days screening for periodontal disease, performing health history screenings, taking radiographs, and cleaning and polishing our patients’ teeth. I also teach each patient about proper oral hygiene and the right way to care for their oral cavity at home.


Dental Hygienist

I love meeting new patients and continuing relationships with long-term patients, all while helping them maintain their oral health. I provide our patients with oral hygiene instructions, review their medical history, clean and treat their teeth, take dental radiographs, and offer nutritional counseling, in addition to providing all treatments necessary to maintain excellent overall oral health.


Hygiene Coordinator

I love talking with our patients and hearing about their families, interests, and travels. We tend to laugh a lot in this office, and our patients are right there, laughing with us. Each day for me presents new challenges, as I schedule and maintain the hygienists’ schedule, and make sure that it works for our patients and our team. I also spend time coordinating treatment for our special needs patients, ensuring that everything is right for them.


Doctor Coordinator

The everyday patient interaction that comes with my work is so rewarding. Each day brings new conversations with fascinating people, new things to learn from them, and new stories to share, too. Since I greet our new patients, and take their medical histories, we get to talk and I love getting to know them. I schedule and maintain our doctors’ schedule, making sure that they have plenty of time with each patient.


Financial Coordinator

Helping our patients get the most from their insurance benefits, and ensuring that we find a financial arrangement that works with their budget and finances, is great. Seeing the relief on a patients’ faces, when they realize that they can get the care they need, is very rewarding, because I know I’ve made their life a lot less stressful. In addition to making payment arrangements, I also verify patient insurance and do all I can to ensure that the financial processes run smoothly.


Registered Dental Assistant

I love getting to know our patients personally. Each of them is so interesting and always has something new to share with us. Hearing about their travels and what’s been happening in their lives since their last visit is always fun. I spend a lot of time with our patients, making sure that they are comfortable and at ease while I sit chairside, assisting our doctors.


Registered Dental Assistant

Making our patients smile is the highlight of my day. Even if they arrive feeling worried about their scheduled procedure, I’m able to get them feeling comfortable and relaxed, and have them smiling, within a few minutes. Our doctors are compassionate and gentle-handed, and they offer only painless treatments, so patients really have nothing to worry about. My work is always patient-focused, as I assist our doctors, chairside, while they perform procedures and treatments.


Registered Dental Assistant

Interacting with our patients is always rewarding. They are each fascinating in their own way and we have great conversations, where I always learn something new. Each patient becomes a part of our dental family, and we look forward to their visits, because we know we’ll be hearing the latest news about their family, their travels, and their hobbies. My work is focused on patient care, making sure that a patient’s time with us is a positive experience and that everyone leaves with a smile on their face.


Registered Dental Assistant

Getting to know our patients, while working in a fun and positive atmosphere, means my job is wonderful. I love working here, with great team members and amazing patients, and there are a lot of laughter and smiles in the office, always. I am a chairside assistant, helping the doctors as they care for a patient, making sure the patient is comfortable and relaxed. I also take radiographs and dental impressions, and am responsible for whitening trays and ordering our supplies, too.


Hygiene Assistant and Sterilization Assistant

I love seeing our patients respond to the care they receive here: established patients arrive with smiles, looking forward to their visit, and they leave smiling, too. New patients, even those who are a little nervous, soon relax and start talking and laughing with our team. I assist our hygienists with periodontal charting, and I maintain sterile instruments and rooms. I also do everything I can to ensure that the hygiene department runs as smoothly as possible.


Hygiene Assistant and Sterilization Assistant

Working with our incredible patients and seeing them smiling as they arrive because they’re happy to be with us, and then smiling when they leave, because they’ve had a good visit, is a great feeling. We really do everything we can for our patients and their happiness is our reward. My duties involve helping our hygienists with periodontal charting activities, as well as sterilizing our treatment rooms and all the instruments we use.